More Details about Practical Physical Pharmacy

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Author(s)Gaud Gupta
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2012


The book comprises of ninety-one exercises in thirteen chapters. Each exercise is presented covering basic principles, theoretical background, material requirements, procedures, observations, calculations and precautions to be taken in the laboratory and question bank at the end of each exercise for viva voce. Chapter One, Introduction deals with importance of Physical Pharmacy and the laboratory behavior viz. Handling and cleaning of glassware, laboratory safety, laboratory manners and the way to write exercise in joumal, common errors and their solution with suitable examples considered in this chapter. Other chapters viz. Molecular Weight, Density of liquids, Rheology, Surface tension, Solubility, Vapor pressure, Partition coefficient, Phase rule, Colloids, Refractivity, Chemical kinetics and Micromeritics include the various exercises related to the basis of physicochemical characteristics of substances, method of determination, factor affecting the methods viz. temperature, pressure, addition of impurities and other parameters with suitable models using simple as well as effective techniques to get reproducible results. Mathematical approach involved for justification of various problems has been discussed wherever necessary.