This practical record book gives detailed description of various procedures taught and redemonstrated by the student nurses and ensures the student training systematically.

Key Features:
• To develop ability to meet the basic needs of the patient with regard to nursing care and develop skill in the competencies required for rendering effective patient care. 
• To describe the physical, mental, social adjustment required of a sick individual and his/her family and carry out basic nursing techniques and care with the application of sound scientific principles. 
• To develop skill to provide comprehensive nursing care to patients with physical and mental disorders. 
• To perform any procedure systematically and scientifically in clinical setting as per steps of nursing care and provide care based on need priorities of patient. 
• To understand the concept of community health nursing in order to introduce them to the wider horizons of rendering nursing services in urban and rural community. 
• To develop an understanding of community emergencies and skills in rendering first aid services in emergencies. 
• To understand basic principles of administration and its application to meet the code of ethics in meeting the self-care needs of an individual for the attainment of his/her self-care needs in practising the nursing care and carry-out the health programme. 
• To demonstrate competency in the skills and techniques of nursing based concepts and principles from selected areas of physical, biological and behavioural aspect.

More Details about Practical Record Book for BSc Nursing As per revised INC syllabus

General Information  
Author(s)Dr Mahipal Singh Fenin
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2015