More Details about Principles Of Molecular Virology 3rd Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Alan Cann
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearFebruary 2001


"Principles of Molecular Virology, Third Edition" provides an essential introduction to modern virology in a clear and concise manner. It is a highly enjoyable and readable text with numerous illustrations that enhance the reader's understanding of important principles. This edition has been updated and revised with new figures and text. It also includes a CD-ROM with material that complements the text. The CD-ROM includes interactive tutorials, virtual experiments and multiple-choice questions. New to 3rd Edition are: Viruses and Apoptosis (Chapter 6); Bacteriophages and Human Disease (Chapter 7); learning objectives for each chapter; pronunciation section in Glossary and abbreviations section (Appendix 1); Key events in the history of virology (Appendix 3); and, addition of colour in text and figures to enhance understanding of key points. It includes a CD containing interactive learning resources to complement text, e.g. tutorials, MCQ's, Virtual experiments, PPT slide set containing lecture notes. A different CD is included with standard and Instructor's edition. It also includes a Virology on-line section - encourages readers to access the Internet to find further information.