More Details about Principles of Insect Morphology

General Information  
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearMarch 2004


The textbookcontain a fair amount of reliable information. The present text being convinced that generalizations are more important than mere knowledge of facts and being also somewhat partial to his own way of thinking about insects has not been able to refrain entirely from presenting the facts of insect anatomy in a way to suggest relations between them that possibly exist only in his own mind. Each of the several chapters of this book in other words is an attempt to give a coherent morphological view of the fundamental nature and the apparent evolution of a particular group of organs or associated structures. It is more than likely practically certain that many of the generalizations here offered will soon be modified or superseded by other generalizations but they will have served their purpose if they induce critical students to make a wider and more thorough study of the problems of insect morphology.