Trusts are separate legal entities which are being used to deal with specific needs/situations to transfer assets for the future benefits of a person and are easy to create. The need and reason may differ as to when and why they get chosen as a vehicle to achieve a felt purpose. The evolving global pattern of business has created more reasons for creating trusts to carry on many activities including business and many times trusts help the settlors to keep a low profile and play a passive role.

The book is a compendium addressing different situations where trusts have been a preferred vehicle; the annotations of cases and examples sharply illustrate the context and need. 

This book deals with various topics on creation of trusts, role of different stakeholders in trust and using trust as preferred instrument for succession planning, foreign trusts and their tax perspective.  

Key Features:-

  • Trusts and Succession Planning
  • Creation of Private Trusts
  • Role of the Settlor , the trustees and the beneficiaries in the formation
  • Creation of Foreign Trusts and their tax consequences in India
  • Special emphasis on Business Trust Act of Singapore
  • International Tax perspective on trusts

More Details about Private Trusts and Corporates

General Information  
Author(s)S Ramanujam
PublisherCCH India
Publish YearJanuary 2014