A Banker’s Guide to create a Process Based Operating Model and an insight into methods that would reduce transaction costs, increase productivity and minimise operational risks.

1. Banking Processes Management in a Holistic manner
2. Analysis of Case Studies of Operational Risk Incidents
3. Usage of tools for improving Operational Efficiency with Case Studies
4. Collection of relevant wholesome operational data at the granular level is explained by analysing Risk Incidents and providing Risk & Control Monitoring examples
5. Methodology for determining Process and Operational Model Maturity for a Risk Based Approach to manage operational risk
6. Implementation of Advanced Measurement Approach, Continuous Process Improvements and Enterprise-wide risk management
7. Data collection on Operating Model Maturity and Correlation between risk factors by Banking Regulator

                                            Expert Comments
Risk-based approach to audit and risk management is easier when Process Maturity scoreis used as the metric. The tools explained in the book are very useful in operations management.
Ramesh Sundara Rajan
Senior Director & CIO, CIMB Malaysia.

Process automation delivers all the benefits of Straight through Processing. Operational data gathering at the process level provides wholesome data for risk mitigation and process improvement.
N. Sudhakar, Head Information Management  
Standard Chartered Bank, Singapore.

A significant percentage of credit risks are caused by Operational weaknesses. Process-based approach to building an operating model and monitoring risks is a very useful way to mitigate risks and implementing an Enterprise approach to risk management.
Mahesh, EVP
Community Bank of Texas, USA.

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Author(s)DR S KANNAN
PublisherTaxmann Publications
Publish YearJanuary 2015