The present book 'Production Technology of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants' is a fundamental book on production technology of important medicinal and aromatic plants with their active ingredients and uses. Latest information on their production technology and their uses for different ailments has been provided. The active constitutents of different medicinal plants for preparing various drugs have also been given at one place. Medicinal and aromatic plats are known to mankind from ancient times in almost all parts of the world as they are being used as an alternative source for curing various diseases and for extracting essential oils for preparing cosmetic and perfumery products. Plants have played a prominent role in may countries spcially India and China since ancient times as an alternative source of medicine as they are cheap, effective and have no side effects. Natural plant products are in great demand all over the world now as people are conscious about their benefits. Health food and health drinks can be prepared from these herbal products instead of syntheitic foods and drinks. A large number of aromatic plants producing essential aromatic oils are in much demand for preparing natural perfumery products all over the world. Natural oils from plants are used in everyday human life in the manufacture of cosmetic, perfumery, soaps, pharmaceutical, confectionary, disinfectants, incenses etc. Conservation and cultivaton of natural resources and their utilization for the well being of human being are of much importance and a through understanding of their growth habitat is essential. This book aims to provide information on latest Horticultural techniques for commercial cultivation of important medicinal and aromatic plants in the farmers' field and in the herbal gardens.

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Author(s)Syamal M M
PublisherInternational Book Distributing Co.
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2008