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Author(s)Vikram Singh
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2015


The book comprehensively covers the terms, concepts, theories, paradigms, thinkers, statements, laws and principles of public administration in an alphabetical order. It includes all the latest concepts and theories like Community Governance, Network Governance, Dysrationalia, Green Tape, System Level Bureaucracy, Guerrilla Government, Lean Government, Klitgaard Formula, Motivation Management Theory, Public Value Approach etc. The book is written in the backdrop of the Indian Administrative System. The book covers all the major institutions and issues of Indian Administration. It also covers commonly used terms like Sarkar, daroga, tehsildar, mayor, magistrate, etc., and latest terms like NITI Aayog, Smart Cities, GST, Right to Services, etc. Public Administration Dictionary by Vikram Singh offers definitions of almost all the key terms, concepts, processes and practices of contemporary public policy and administration. This Dictionary gives students, lecturers and practitioners a constructive resource to better understand the terms used in public administration. It provides definitions of both local and international terminology and gives easy access to key concepts of public administration. The Indian Journal of Public Administration October-December 2012 issue, Vol .LVIII page 791&792 Public Administration has become almost a compulsory subject for all the aspirants in the new pattern of civil services main examination as nearly seventy percent of NEW SYLLABUS of GENERAL STUDIES pertains to it. This book explains terms or issues related to almost entire syllabus of Paper IV (Ethics, Integrity, and Aptitude) and Paper II (Governance, Constitution, Polity, Social Justice and International Relations) of general studies. The book also covers various issues of Paper III (growth, development, inclusive growth, government budgeting, investment, subsidies, public distribution system, buffer stocks, food security, land reforms in India, supply chain management, disaster management, terrorism, and internal security etc) and Paper I (colonisation, decolonisation, communism, capitalism, socialism, population, poverty, globalisation, social empowerment, communalism, regionalism and secularism etc) of general studies pertaining to public administration.