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Public Health Behind Bars From Prisons To Communities 2nd Edition 2022 at Meripustak

Public Health Behind Bars From Prisons To Communities 2nd Edition 2022 by GREIFINGER R.B., SPRINGER

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)GREIFINGER R.B.
    Publish YearOctober 2021


    SPRINGER Public Health Behind Bars From Prisons To Communities 2nd Edition 2022 by GREIFINGER R.B.

    Public Health Behind Bars From Prisons to Communities examines the burden of illness in the growing prison population, and analyzes the impact on public health as prisoners are released. This book makes a timely case for correctional health care that is humane for those incarcerated and beneficial to the communities they reenter. The second edition plans to include revisions/updates to 18 chapters, likely revisions/updates to five chapters, and six chapters are as yet confirmed. Chapter 8 from the first edition will be dropped from the second edition.In addition, the editor has confirmed seven new chapters: correctional nursing (Section 4), sanitation to prevent intramural transmission (Section 3), transitions from prisons to communities (Section 5), segregation (Section 5), the European experience (Section 1), and root cause analysis for quality improvement (Section 3). A chapter on ethics is contemplated (Section 1). Authors listed are from the first edition; second edition TBD1. Thirty Years Since Estelle v. Gamble: Looking Forward, Not Wayward Robert B. GreifingerSection 1: Impact of Law and Public Policy on Correctional Populations2. Impact of Incarceration on Community Public Safety and Public HealthTodd R. Clear3. Litigating for Better Medical Care Jon Wool4. Accommodating Disabilities in Jails and Prisons R. Samuel Paz5. Growing Older: Challenges of Prison and Reentry for the Aging PopulationBrie Williams and Rita Abraldes6. International Public Health and Corrections: Models of Care and Harm MinimizationMichael Levy7. The Medicalization of Execution: Lethal Injection in the United StatesMark HeathNEW: The European experience (Section 1)TBD: A chapter on ethics is contemplated (Section 1)Section 2: Communicable Disease8. Prevention of Viral Hepatitis Cindy Weinbaum and Karen A. Hennessey9. HIV Prevention: Behavioral Interventions in Correctional Settings Barry Zack10. Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Correctional FacilitiesFarah M. Parvez11. Controlling Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Syphilis Through Targeted Screening and Treatment in Correctional Settings Charlotte K. Kent and Gail A. BolanSection 3: Primary and Secondary Prevention12. Health Promotion in Jails and Prisons: An Alternative Paradigm for Correctional Health Services Megha Ramaswamy and Nicholas Freudenberg13. Screening for Public Purpose: Promoting an Evidence-based Approach to Screening of Inmates to Improve the Public Health Joshua D. Lee, Marshall W. Fordyce, and Josiah D. Rich14. Written Health Informational Needs for ReentryJeff Mellow15. Reducing Inmate Suicides Through the Mortality Review ProcessLindsay M. Hayes16. Blinders to Comprehensive Psychiatric Diagnosis in the Correctional SystemRichard L. Grant17. Juvenile Corrections and Public Health Collaborations: Opportunities for Improved Health Outcomes Michelle Staples-Horne, Kaiyti Duffy, and Michele T. Rorie18. Female Prisoners and the Case for Gender-Specific Treatment and Reentry ProgramsAndrea F. Balis19. Building the Case for Oral Health Care for Prisoners: Presenting the Evidence and Calling for Justice Henrie M. Treadwell, Mary E. Northridge, and Traci N. BetheaNEW: Sanitation to prevent intramural transmission (Section 3)NEW: Root cause analysis for quality improvement (Section 3)Section 4: Tertiary Prevention20. Treatment of Mental Illness in Correctional SettingsRaymond F. Patterson and Robert B. Greifinger21. Treatment and Reentry Approaches for Offenders with Co-occurring Disorders Roger H. Peters and Nicole M. Bekman22. Pharmacological Treatment of Substance Abuse in Correctional Facilities: Prospects and Barriers to Expanding Access to Evidence-Based Therapy R. Douglas Bruce, Duncan Smith-Rohrberg, and Frederick L. AlticeNEW: Correctional nursing (Section 4)Section 5: Thinking Forward to Reentry-Reducing Barriers and Building Community Linkages23. Health Research Behind Bars: A Brief Guide to Research in Jails and PrisonsNicholas Freudenberg24. Reentry Experiences of Men with Health Problems Christy A. Visher and Kamala Mallik-Kane25. Providing Transition and Outpatient Services to the Mentally Ill Released from Correctional InstitutionsSteven K. Hoge26. Sexual Predators: Diversion, Civil Commitment, Community Reintegration, Challenges, and Opportunities Karen Terry27. Electronic Health Records Systems and Continuity of Care Ralph P. Woodward28. Community Health and Public Health Collaborations Thomas Lincoln, John R. Miles, and Steve Scheibel29. Improving the Care for HIV-Infected Prisoners: An Integrated Prison-Release Health ModelSandra A. Springer and Frederick L. AlticeNEW: Transitions from prisons to communities (Section 5)Index

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