More Details about Public Policy and Citizenship: Battling Managerialism in India

General Information  
Author(s)Arvind Sivaramakrishnan
PublisherSAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Publish YearDecember 2011


Public Policy and Citizenship analyses the two dominant public-policy approaches in India—managerialism and neoliberalism—and argues that they have had a profoundly damaging impact. Drawing upon a substantial body of published work, the book shows how managerialist and free-market systems are fundamentally incoherent and destructive.

The discussion in this volume revolves primarily around Indian public policy on health, agriculture, and education. The author argues that the condition of these areas, and therefore the condition of hundreds of millions of people, is worse than many analysts claim it to be. Using examples and evidence from a range of countries and public-policy systems, the book also shows the ways in which the managerialist application of public policies founded on neoliberal terms undermines the idea of citizenship in democracy.

The strength of the book is that it demonstrates links between public policy, the philosophy of the social sciences, and political philosophy, all in the light of everyday issues and concerns.