...This book is intended as an introductory course on Quantum Information/Computation/Communication Systems. It covers all the core concepts and research topics... From the Foreword by Prof Prem Saran Satsangi. In recent times, research all over the world has shifted from a state of diversity to Quantum Information Systems (QIS), based on Nanotechnology. QIS is the synergy of Quantum Mechanics and Information Systems, the two giants in science and technology from the last century. This book explains the concepts of QIS along with the various application and research areas. Further, topics such as quantum communication and cryptography, quantum error correction and decoherence, quantum computation models and simulators and Grand Unified Theory (GUT) are dealt with in a lucid manner. It also discusses the present state of physical realization of quantum computation devices and their future scope. The book concludes with a note on developing a Theory of Many Things for high-end complexity systems. This book would be a handy reference for researchers, scientists and professionals working in the field. It would also be useful to students of quantum computing and information systems. CD contains MATLAB based simulators such as Qubit4MATLAB and their codes, along with examples. It also contains NMR lab exercises in MATLAB.


General Information  
Author(s)SAHNI and VISHAL
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2011