This easy to follow, approachable guide to R focuses on R as a data management tool and general programming language. The book does not focus on any one specific field of application. Inside you will find: A step by step guide to the initial installation of R; How to use R using only those datasets that come installed with R; R Fundamentals; How to put R to work; Dereferencing: Pulling Bits of Data Out with R; Common R Mistakes; Installing and using more packages for R. This is a hands on guide on how to get started with R, including helpful tips and tricks to get you going and lots of helpful examples throughout the book. After basic R usage is mastered, the reader can choose which aspects of R to concentrate upon. The focus of R for Dummies is on the power of R as a programming language and how to analyse data using a programming language. R for Dummies is a great introduction to procedural programming for those who have never done any programming and will show you how to do statistical data analysis with this powerful open source software.

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Author(s)De Vries and A Meys and J
PublisherJohn Wiley
Publish YearOctober 2014