More Details about Reflex Zone Therapy For Health Professionals

General Information  
Publish YearJuly 2000


This book provides the clearest and most authoritative up-to-date textbook on reflex zone therapy (RZT). It aims to answer the needs and questions of the healthcare practitioner who is coming to the study and practice of this subject. Reflex zone therapy provides a way to treat the whole person through the small surface of the feet. Its effects are to support all physiological and psychological mechanisms and, where specific function is defective, to stimulate innate healing abilities when they have deteriorated. While it may be used as first aid to relieve pain and muscle spasm, or, cover a series of treatments, to relieve specific physical complaints, its primary purpose is to strengthen and support all functions. This book covers the basis and theory of RZT, including the scientific basis of its action. It also covers the basics of RZT practice assessment, interpretation and treatment through a variety of different strokes, holds and pressure techniques. In addition, the reflex zones of the body are described ad illustrated in detail, and the affects of treatment in various different client groups are covered in depth.