Semiconductor Physics And Devices is a book that is written for students pursuing their undergraduate degrees in semiconductor physics, and devices. Through the course of this book, the readers are guided through concepts such as quantum theory of solids, semiconductor material physics, semiconductor device physics, and quantum mechanics, which help to clear all misconceptions, and enable the student to understand the subject better. In total, Semiconductor Physics And Devices contains 10 chapters. Some of the chapters in this book include Nonequilibrium Excess Carriers In Semiconductors, p-n Junction Diode And Semiconductor Heterostructure, Special Semiconductor Devices And Advance Processes, Introduction To The Quantum Theory Of Solids, and Physics And Crystal Properties Of Semiconductors. This book contains several examples, around 130 in total, along with review questions, which are 145. Additionally, there are 610 problems outlined in the book, and 450 diagrams, which help in understanding the concepts better. This book is also part of the syllabus for B.Tech students at UPTU. All in all, this book is a must-have for students who desire to build a strong foundation for themselves, in this subject.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2012