UCLA psychologist and organizational consultant Dr. Robert Maurer provides a simple and proven effective technique for making major changes with minimal disruption. Applying the operational concept of kaizen small, continual improvements to common management challenges, managers can drive major improvements with a series of well-planned techniques for boosting quality, innovation, sales, and morale. The Spirit of Kaizen will be a welcome relief to managers tasked with managing change with big, bold steps that usually backfire, taking a heavy toll on productivity and morale. Based on Dr. Maurer's most popular seminar topics, The Spirit of Kaizen shows how to apply the principles of kaizen to the most common management challenges. Readers will learn how to boost morale, contain costs, improve quality, develop new products and services, increase sales, and reduce corporate health care expenses. The author draws on psychological research, business history, and his extensive consulting work to show how managers can design small, easy steps to reach their lofty goals without fear or agony. He supplies plenty of case studies to illustrate how other businesses have succeeded using these principles. Using the psychological insight and concrete suggestions in The Spirit of Kaizen, business readers can locate road maps for solving their biggest headaches and achieving their biggest dreams. No matter how big the obstacle or how big the dream, The Spirit of Kaizen has a small-step solution to help you succeed.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2012