More Details about Safety Management System And Documentation Training Programme Handbook

General Information  
Author(s)Paul Sv
Publish YearJanuary 2012


The book prepared in accordance with the recent provisions of the OSHA 18001:2007 Standards ISO regulations and 1948 Factories Act is written in two parts. Part 1: SAFETY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM covers in detail the scientific aspects of the safety management systems. The safety operations of the different kinds of companies have been separately treated to suit the safety personnel working in different companies. Part 2: SAFETY DOCUMENTATION TRAINING PROGRAMME discusses the method and procedure of safety documentation elaborately under separate heads to suit safety personnel working in different environments. As safety documentation is the essential part of the safety management in any company a deep knowledge in this programme is inevitable. The book provides the reader enough information and procedural practice to maintain the safety operations in conformity with the international standards and OSHA regulations. It also serves as a study material for the students who are engaged in safety engineering or safety management system courses.