Sampath lyengar's Law of Income Tax has maintained its reputation as a commentary, exhaustive and encyclopaedic in its sweep and as a veritable warehouse of all the available information on the subject, besides carrying critical and in-depth comments. It has been found indispensable for understanding the tax implications of any business decision serving as an invaluable guide and a library by itself for auditors, consultants and practitioners for effective advocacy in presentation of their case at all levels, dealing not only with mere statute and precedents, but also with concepts necessary for better understanding of law. It contains critical comments, besides what is necessary and useful for practice, highlighting procedures and airing departmental views with all the circulars on the subject including reference to useful precedents from the Tribunal and in allied laws like sales-tax and central excise. Previous editions have been updated by eminent authors and the present one is no exception. This book provides not only the necessary access to all the relevant information, but also the expertise and the experience of the authors, present and past. Conflicting views are highlighted. Precedents are not merely listed, but their rationale analysed. Every decision, which is followed, over-ruled or approved is also indicated. Experience has shown that there can be many different angles arising out of different perceptions, so that any person with a problem can meet the challenge of opposing views, only if he is armed with all the materials on the subject. This book is precisely meant to suit this purpose. Mere parading of precedents or a dogmatic assertion of one's views serve no purpose, unless their rationale is identified and applied for resolving an issue. This book has always been different in not being content with mere listing of cases, but by providing enough materials to tackle any problem that may arise. The earlier editions have had the privilege of patronage from the profession of chartered accountants, tax practitioners, consultants, advisors, advocates, company executives, tax administrators and judiciary. .No effort is spared in the present edition to maintain the reputation, which this book has gained in the field of income-tax law for the past sixty - eighty ears and more.

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Author(s)S Rajaratnam
PublisherBharat Law House Pvt Ltd
BindingHard Bound
Publish YearJanuary 2013