Sedimentology And Sedimentary Basins From Turbulence To Tectonics 2nd Edition at Meripustak

Sedimentology And Sedimentary Basins From Turbulence To Tectonics 2nd Edition

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)Mike Leeder
    PublisherWILEY INDIA
    Edition2nd Edition
    Publish YearJanuary 2016


    WILEY INDIA Sedimentology And Sedimentary Basins From Turbulence To Tectonics 2nd Edition by Mike Leeder

    The sedimentary record on Earth stretches back more than 4.3 billion years and is present in more abbreviated forms on companion planets of the Solar System, like Mars and Venus, and doubtless elsewhere. Reading such planetary archives correctly requires intimate knowledge of modern sedimentary processes acting within the framework provided by tectonics, climate and sea or lake level variations. The subject of sedimentology thus encompasses the origins, transport and deposition of mineral sediment on planetary surfaces. About the Author Mike Leeder is Professor Emeritus at the University of East Anglia TABLE OF CONTENTS Preface Acknowledgements Part 1: Making Sediment 1 Clastic sediment as a chemical and physical breakdown product 2 Carbonate, siliceous, iron-rich and evaporate sediments 3 Sediment grain properties Part 2: Moving Fluid 4 Fluid basics 5 Types of fluid motion Part 3: Transporting Sediment 6 Sediment in fluid and fluid flow--general 7 Bedforms and sedimentary structures in flows and under waves 8 Sediment gravity flows and their deposits 9 Liquefaction, fluidization and sliding sediment deformation Part 4: Major External Controls on Sedimentation and Sedimentary Environments 10 Major external controls on sedimentation Part 5: Continental Sedimentary Environments 11 Rivers 12 Subaerial Fans: Alluvial and Colluvial 13 Aeolian Sediments in Low-Latitude Deserts 14 Lakes 15 Ice Part 6: Marine Sedimentary Environments 16 Estuaries 17 River and Fan Deltas 18 Linear Siliciclastic Shorelines 19 Siliciclastic Shelves 20 Calcium-carbonate--evaporite Shorelines 21 Deep Ocean Part 7: Architecture of Sedimentary Basins 22 Sediment in Sedimentary Basins: A User's Guide Part 8: Topics: Sediment Solutions to Interdisciplinary Problems 23 Sediments Solve Wider Interdisciplinary Cookies Maths Appendix References Index Colour plates fall between pp. 402 and 403