More Details about Sexual Violence Against Women – Penal Law And Human Rights Perspectives 2009

General Information  
PublisherLexis Nexis
BindingHard Cover
Publish YearJanuary 2008


Sexual Violence Against Women—Human Rights and Penal Perspective focuses on sexual violence: its concepts, determinants and dimensions. It endeavours to analyse it from the legal and human rights perspective. The book explores the deep interlinking between gender and sexual violence. It traces the development of Indian law in each case. The book elaborately analyses various critical legal issues related to rape and sexual harassment and the judicial response in each case as exhibited through the decisions of higher judiciary with a focus on the decisions of the Supreme Court of India. This book will prove to be an indispensable aide for students, teachers, researchers, academicians, members of the Bar and Judiciary, and for anyone interested in the legal and human rights issues related to sexual violence.