This convenient handbook is a comprehensive guide to the evaluation and treatment of more than 80 signs and symptoms. It is organized alphabetically, and each entry includes history and physical examinations; causes; differential diagnosis; diagnostic procedures; treatment approaches including when to refer and when to admit; ongoing care and follow-up; and prevention. Contents include:* Abdominal pain* Back pain* Chest pain* Diarrhea and steatorrhea* Dizziness and vertigo* Fatigue and weakness* Fever* Headache* Heart murmurs* Jaundice* Rash* Red eye/pink eye* Sleep disturbances* Speech and language concerns* Vomiting* Wheezing* And more!

More Details about Signs & Symptoms in Pediatrics

General Information  
Author(s)Henry M Adam and Jane Meschen Foy
PublisherAmerican Academy of Pediatrics
Publish YearMarch 2015