More Details about Societies, Networks and Transitions: A Global History

General Information  
Author(s)Craig Lockard
Publish YearJanuary 2010


"Societies, Networks, and Transitions, International Edition" connects the different regions of the world between chapters, and explores broader global themes in part-ending essays. This innovative structure combines the accessibility of a regional approach with the rigor of comparative scholarship to show students world history in a truly global framework. The 'tree, tree, tree, forest' organization assures that students stay engaged and sure of when and where they are in their study of world history. The text also features a strong focus on culture and religion. Author and veteran teacher Craig Lockard engages students with a unique approach to cultural artifacts; such as, music and art. A range of pedagogical features - including focus questions, section summaries, and web-based study aids - support students and instructors as they explore the interconnectedness of different people, places, and periods in the global past. The second edition features all new maps - beautiful to look at and learn with - an open, student-friendly design. Additionally, the text has been extensively revised to sharpen the narrative.