More Details about Statistical Methods - Combined

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2008


Statistical Methods (Volume 1 And 2) is an ideal read for novices. Each chapter opens with key points of the topics and then goes on to explain the theory in detail. It also provides examples to help students gain a thorough understanding of the theory. It is useful for students who are pursuing undergraduate and postgraduate courses in subjects like Statistics, Economics, and Mathematics. The book makes use of study aids such as tables, charts, figures, and formulae to accompany the theory. It features several exercises at the end of each chapter, varying in difficulty levels. This allows students to practise what they have learnt. This book also provides the solutions in detail and highlights each step for better understanding. It also features exam questions that have appeared in exams by Calcutta University, Diploma in Management Welfare, ICAI, and ICWA. The appendices are an additional help to students and stresses on significant points of Chi square, significant points of F, areas under Standard Normal Curve, and more. Students will also learn the techniques of solving numerical problems. This book will also teach them how to collect and analyse data and arrive at conclusions from the material gathered. The book has 53 figures, 784 exercises, 258 tables, and 120 theoretical questions. The book also has 1800 unsolved and solved problems. Statistical Methods (Volume 1 And 2) is well-organised and divided in 19 chapters for convenient study and reference. It covers topics such as Frequency Distribution, Analysis of Variance, Estimation and Test of Significance, Correlation and Regression, Theoretical Distributions-Binomial, Poisson, Norma, Moments, and Statistical Quality Control.