More Details about Statistics 4th Edition

General Information  
Author(s)Jessica M Utts and Robert F Heckard
Publish YearJanuary 2011


"Statistics, 4th edition, International Edition" emphasizes the conceptual development of statistical ideas and the importance of looking for - and finding - meaning in data. Authors Jessica Utts and Robert Heckard actively engage students' natural curiosity, motivating them with intriguing questions and explaining statistical topics in the context of a wide range of interesting, useful examples and case studies. Throughout, the authors balance the promotion of statistical literacy with coverage of the statistical methodology taught in general introductory statistics courses. Their approach is based on the premises that new material is much easier to learn and remember if it is related to something interesting or previously known, and if students actively ask questions and find the answers for themselves. More than any other text available, "Statistics, 4th edition, International Edition" motivates and encourages students to develop their statistical intuition by focusing on analyzing data and interpreting results, rather than on mathematical formulation. CourseSmart goes beyond traditional expectations-providing instant, online access to the textbooks and course materials you need and at a lower cost to your students. To request an electronic sample of this Cengage Learning title, go to our associated website.