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Stoichiometry 6th Edition by B I Bhatt and S B Thakore, McGraw Hill

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  • General Information  
    Author(s)B I Bhatt and S B Thakore
    PublisherMcGraw Hill
    Edition6th Edition
    Publish YearJuly 2021


    McGraw Hill Stoichiometry 6th Edition by B I Bhatt and S B Thakore

    Being one of the most acclaimed textbooks on the subject for over four decades, Stoichiometry continues its legacy of providing updated, comprehensive coverage and in-depth treatment of concepts in its sixth edition. It discusses the fundamentals, principles, and industrial applications of stoichiometry as well as material and energy balance calculations with the help of simple theoretical explanations and numerous solved examples and exercises. The book caters to the complete course requirements of undergraduate chemical and petrochemical engineering students. Besides, it will also be a useful reference for industry practitioners
    Key Features:
    Complete coverage of the AICTE model curriculum for Material and Energy Balance Computations. 
    • New! Inclusion of new and recent topics such as adiabatic flash calculations, shell gas and bio-diesel, combustion calculations of new emerging fuels, freeze drying, etc. along with examples and exercises 
    • New! Elaborated and updated topics such as units and dimensions, STP and NTP, process intensification, mixing of two states (binary systems), tables of molar heat capacities constants for gases and liquid, melting points of solids, etc. 
    • New! Learning Objectives in the beginning and a list of Key Formulae at the end of each chapter 
    • Examples based on MS Excel and MATLAB to suit the industry requirements 
    • Plenty of solved examples (225+) as well as numerical problems (300+), graded based on difficulty levels 
    • Rich online learning resources including Objective-type questions based on GATE and other competitive examinations
    Table of Contents:
    Chapter 1. Dimensions and Units
    Chapter 2. Basic Chemical Calculations
    Chapter 3. Material Balances without Chemical Reaction
    Chapter 4. Material Balances involving Chemical Reactions
    Chapter 5. Energy Balances
    Chapter 6. Stoichiometry and Unit Operations
    Chapter 7. Combustion
    Chapter 8. Stoichiometry and Industrial Problems
    Chapter 9: Stoichiometry and Digital Computation
    Appendix I: Conversion Tables
    Appendix II: List of Elements
    Appendix III: Critical Constants of Compounds
    Appendix IV: Steam Tables
    Appendix V: Standard Enthalpies of Formation and of Combustion: Inorganic Compounds and
    Organic Compounds