More Details about Stop Female Feticide

General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2013


The Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques Act and Rules have been amended keeping in view the emerging technologies for selection of sex before and after conception and problems faced in the working of implementation of the Act and certain directions of Hon’ble Supreme Court. These amendments have come into operation with effect from 14th February 2003. This book contains full detail of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (prohibition of sex selection) Act 1994 and amended up-to-date.

Key Features:-

  • Contains details of the Preconception and Prenatal Diagnostic Techniques (Prohibition of Sex Selecti
  • Useful to undergraduate and postgraduate medical students.
  • Helpful to radiologists private practitioners medical fraternity and other concerned persons.
  • Provides information for NGOs and volunteers working for menace female feticide social workers and
  • Written in clear lucid straight forward and easy-to-grasp language.