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Stories From Panchatantra (English)

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    Author(s)Shiv Kumar
    PublisherChildrens Book Trust
    Publish YearJune 1994


    Childrens Book Trust Stories From Panchatantra (English) by Shiv Kumar


    Page No.:


    The Monkey and the Crocodile


    A Monkey lived on a rose-apple tree by the side of a river. The rose-apple tree had plenty of fruits all the year round. There is nothing a monkey likes better than rose-apples.

    The Big Lion and the little Rabbit


    Once there lived a huge lion in a vast jungle. All the other animals were afraid of him, because every day he hunted and killed them in large numbers.

    The Stork and the Crab


    Once upon a time there lived a stork by the side of a tank. There were plenty of fish in the tank and the stork had enough to eat. Years passed. The stork grew old and weak.

    The Crows and the Black Snake


    Father Crow and Mother Crow had their nest in a huge banyan Tree. They had been living there for a number of years and had many children.

    The Musical Donkey


    Once a washer man had a donkey. The donkey was old and lean. During the day the donkey had to carry heavy loads of clothes; at night he was free to go about.

    The Tortoise and the Geese


    Once there was a tortoise in a large tank. He had two geese as friends. The geese used to come to the tank and the three of them spent much of their time together.

    The Ass has no Brains


    The Lion, the King of the Forest, had grown old. He could no longer run fast. He could not hunt. Often he had to go without food. As time passed, He grew weaker and weaker.

    The Girl who married a Snake


    In a little village far, far away, there lived a Brahmin and his wife. They were sad because they had no children. Daily they prayed and offered sacrifices to God so that they might be blessed with a child.

    The Mice that ate Iron


    Once there was a rich merchant called Naduk. As time went by, his business became so bad that he not only lost money but got into debt. Naduk was unhappy.

    Union Is Strength


    Once a flock of doves flew far away from their home in search of food. Though they flew for miles and miles, they could not find anything to eat. Tired and hungry, they were flying over a forest.

    The Brahmin's Dream


    Long, Long ago there lived a poor Brahmin, who had to beg for a living. Sometimes, he had to go without food for many days. Often he had barely a handful to eat.

    The Lion-Makers


    Long, Long ago, there lived four friends. They were fond of each other and spent much of their time together. Three of them were very learned. They knew so much that they thought there was nothing more to learn.

    The Jackal who killed no Elephants


    Once upon a time, a lion and a lioness lived together in a forest. One day, two little cubs were born to them. The lion and the lioness were both very happy.

    Mouse-Maid made Mouse


    On the banks of the Ganga, there lived a large number of holy men. Their leader was a man of great learning. He also had magical powers and could do wonderful things.

    The Loyal Mongoose


    Once there was a farmer who lived with his wife at the far end of a village. They had a little son and they loved him very much. One evening when the farmer returned home from work, he brought with him a tiny little mongoose.

    The Ungrateful Man


    Long, Long ago there was a poor Brahmin. He could not find enough work to do. Sometimes he and his family had to go without food. At last the Brahmin decided to leave his village in search of work.

    The Cat's Judgement


    A partridge lived in her nest beneath a large peepul tree. She had been living there for many years. She was kind and friendly to all the little animals and birds.

    The Four Friends


    By a lake, in a forest, there once lived four friends. One of them was a small brown Mouse. He had big black eyes and a long tail. He lived in a snug hole near the edge of the water.

    The Blue Jackal


    Once a jackal was roaming about in search of food. It was an unlucky day for him. He could not get anything to eat. Tired and hungry, he walked on and on until he strayed into a city.

    The Brahmin and the Goat


    One day, a Brahmin received a goat as a gift. Carrying it on his shoulders, he set out for home. Three rogues saw the Brahmin carrying the goat. They were hungry.

    The Wise old Bird


    Deep in a forest stood a very tall tree. Its leafy branches spread out like strong arms.  This tree was the home of a flock of wild geese. They felt safe there.

    The Thief's Sacrifice


    Long ago there were three young men. They were close friends. One of them was a prince, the youngest son of a king. Another was the son of the King's minister. And the third was the son of a rich merchant.

    The Guest


    Once there was a bug. She had many sons and daughters, and they had son and daughters of their own. They lived together in the corner of a huge and beautiful bed. It was the King's Bed.

    The Lake of the Moon


    A large herd of Elephants lived in a jungle. Their king was a huge, majestic tusker. He looked after them with love and care.

    The King's Choice


    There was a lion who was king of the forest. He was big and handsome, fierce and strong. All the other animals brought him gifts from every corner of the forest. The more he got, the more he wanted.

    Three Fish


    There lived three big fish in a lake. They were close friends, but quite unlike one another. One of them was wise. Whatever he did was after careful thought.

    The Cave That Talked


    A hungry lion roamed the forest in search of food. He could not find any animal to kill. The more he wandered, the hungrier he became. Finally, he saw the mouth of a big cave.

    The Elephants and the Mice


    There was a large and beautiful city beside a lake. It had many temples and fine houses. The people who lived there were happy and prosperous. With the pasasge of time, the city lay in ruins.