Table of Contents: 1. The Lure of Supply Chain Collaboration 2. The Bullwhip Effect and Resulting Supply Chain Costs 3. Wal-Mart Case Example 4. Warner-Lambert Case Example 5. An Industry Standard for Supply Chain Collaboration 6. Early Wins and Failures 7. How to Implement Supply Chain Collaboration 8. Technology Overview 9. Best Implementation Practices 10. Case Examples: Resolve Conflicts, Leverage Opportunities, and Minimize Risks 11. Internalizing Trading Partner Data 12. Experiences in Optimizing a Value Chain with Multiple Trading Partners 13. Are You Ready for Supply Chain Collaboration? 14. Are Your Trading Partners Ready to Collaborate? 15. A Proven Path to Implementing Supply Chain Collaboration 16. Supply Chain Collaboration: Next Steps 17. Sample Front-End Agreement 18. Index

More Details about Supply Chain Collaboration: How To Implement Cpfr And Other Best Collaborative Practices 1st Edition

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Author(s)Colleen Crum and Ronald K Ireland
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2014