Supply Chain Logistics Management is exciting and promises to bolster traditional logistics courses and invigorate supply chain management courses. By examining traditional logistics issues within the context of the supply chain this text captures the current trends in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Strategy. Most textbooks approach this subject from a limited perspective studying only internal functions of an organization to the exclusion of issues that relate to the entire supply chain in an integrated enterprise. Supply Chain Logistics Management provides a solid foundation that clearly describes the role of logistics within the supply chain portraying a complete view of the subject and extending to show how all the pieces fit together.

Salient Features:

New and expanded coverage of integrative supply chain management practices.

A new chapter, Integrated Operations Planning (Chapter 6) has been added to provide additional coverage of supply chain planning; applications; sales and operations planning (S&OP); collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR); and forecasting.

Vast coverage of the most current technology in this industry such as Information Networks, Enterprise Resource Planning and Decision Support Systems.

PART ONE : Supply Chain Logistics Management
1 21st-Century Supply Chains 
2 Logistics 
3 Customer Accommodation 
4 Procurement and Manufacturing 
5 Information Technology 
6 Integrated Operations Planning 

PART TWO : Supply Chain Logistics Operations 
7 Inventory 
8 Transportation Infrastructure 
9 Transportation Operations 
10 Warehousing 
11 Packaging and Materials Handling 

PART THREE : Supply Chain Logistics Design 
12 Global Supply Chains 
13 Network Design 
14 Network and Operational Planning 

PART FOUR : Administration 
15 Relationship Development and Management 
16 Operational and Financial Performance Measurement 
17 Supply Chain Risk 

About Author:
Donald J. Bowersox, Michigan State University
David J. Closs, Michigan State University
M. Bixby Cooper, Michigan State University

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearMay 2016