Table of Contents: Introduction Chapter 1: The Origins of Contemporary Supply Chain Management Chapter 2: Two Roads Equally Traveled Chapter 3: Lean Manufacturing Chapter 4: The Impact of Globalization on Supply Chain Management Chapter 5: Outsourcing and Global Supply Chain Management: Contract Manufacturing Chapter 6: Outsourcing and Global Supply Chain Management: Third Party Logistics Chapter 7: Musical Inventories Chapter 8: Six Sigma Applications in Global Business Models Chapter 9: Six Sigma Tools for Supply Chain Management Chapter 10: The Lengua Franca of Supply Chain Management Chapter 11: Measuring Results: NikoTech, Inc. Chapter 12: NikoTech: The Operating Cycle and Cash To Cash Cycle Chapter 13: NikoTech: The Balance Sheet Chapter 14: NikoTech: The Income Statement Chapter 15: General Motors, The Dupont Formula and Return on Investment Chapter 16: The Statement of Cash Flows

More Details about Supply Chain Vector: Methods For Linking The Execution Of Global Business Models With Financial Performance 1st Edition

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Author(s)Daniel L Gardner
PublisherCengage Learning
Publish YearJanuary 2014