This unique book is written specifically for surgeons. But that\'s not all. Edited by a surgeon and a gastroenterology specialist, it?s relevant to both these disciplines. What\'s more, it\'s comprehensive and detailed: it covers everything from the technical basics, to emergency surgical ultrasound, to possible further diagnostic procedures. A truly practical guide Over 850 high-quality illustrations help to put the theory into practice. And explanatory drawings next to each ultrasound picture make it easy for even the inexperienced eye to interpret images. Clear, concise -- and easy to use Information is broken down into clear sections. Each section focuses on the surgical ultrasound of a specific organ system, and is written by a proven expert in the field. Topics include: The acute abdomen Thoracic and abdominal trauma Endoscopic ultrasound Doppler and color-coded Duplex ultrasound Transplantation ultrasound Intraoperative ultrasound.

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PublisherThieme Medical Publishers