More Details about Swift Translation Guide For Objective-C Users: Develop And Design

General Information  
Author(s)Maurice Kelly
PublisherPearson India
Publish YearJanuary 2015


Immediately following Apple's announcement of the Swift language in early summer, the language became an instant hit, jumping into leading indexes that track programming language popularity. While developers can build apps from scratch with Swift, many Apple developers will want to learn how to take advantage of Swift in existing projects. In this compact, to-the-point guide, author Maurice Kelly steps students through the basics of the Swift language-including types, syntax, variables, strings and classes-and explores how to use Swift with existing projects. Maurice explores how to use Swift APIs in Objective-C and how to mix and match Swift and Objective-C files in an app. Students will learn:. Swift language basics, including syntax and operators. About capabilities exclusive to Swift, including playgrounds. How to access Cocoa frameworks in Swift. How to interact with Objective-C classes.