More Details about Syed Khalid Rashid's Muslim Law

General Information  
Author(s)VP Bhartiya
PublisherEastern Book Company
Publish YearMarch 2018


This comprehensive work lucidly explains the principles of law governing Muslims in India. The new fifth edition of this very popular work has been thoroughly revised and updated with case law brought up to date. Some more recent developments pertaining to the resolutions passed by the Muslim Personal Law Board and other parallel organisations have been noted and discussed. The Ulema is now increasingly reviewing old customs and adopting or suggesting modernisation to cope up with existing social norms and expectations. One more latest example is the decision taken by the Islamic Fiqh Academy in New Delhi in February 2008 to 'recognise the right of a Muslim girl to repudiate a marriage contract with a boy who does not suit to her choice or which was forced on her against her will'. The question of objection to photograph for election identity card, has been judicially examined in the light of national interest. The book takes note of such developments and tries to spur thinking in this direction. Landmark decisions affecting and changing some of the socially incongruous concepts relating to divorce, mehar, maintenance, remarriage on motivated conversion, wakf beneficiaries, wakf boards, pre-emption, primogeniture etc. have been incorporated. A significant feature of the book is the exhaustive analysis of the constitutional aspects of Mohammedan law principles. Further, the interactions between the personal law and social ethos have been elucidated by notes. Opinions of academic jurists have also been included. The detailed subject-index and table of cases add to the utility of the book.