Written with an interdisciplinary approach, this book lays emphasis on the fundamental concepts with the aim of developing a profound conceptual base. It brings out interesting data and considerations invlolved in actual thermodynamic appllications. 0 Carefully devised sequence and integration on topics with step-by-step explanation of fundamentals thereby maintaing clarity of concepts. 0 Discusses the practical problems in actual engineering applications. 0 A chapter on combined first adn second law application to all practical non-flow and flow processes. 0 Clearly brings out meaning of the term 'system' whether closed or open type. 0 Emphasises distinction between work in a non-flow process in a closed system (pdV) and work in a flow process in an open sytem (-Vdp). 0 Numerous illustragtive exampless classs-tested many times over the last eight years both in INdia and abroad.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2001