More Details about T.K. Tope's Constitutional Law of India

General Information  
Author(s)Justice Sujata V. Manohar
PublisherEastern Book Company
Edition3rd Edition
Publish YearApril 2018


The third edition of this scholarly book 1st printed in 1982 has been thoroughly revised and updated. Considered as the best single volume commentary on the Constitution of India. It highlights fundamental rights, directive principles, and duties under the Constitution in the framework of international human rights law. It contains many innovative ideas, illuminating and thought provoking analysis and gives an insight into the author's views on several sensitive constitutional issues.

Special Features

Language is simple, clear and direct
The analysis of cases is authentic, brief, to the point and clearly brings out their importance in the development of law
Text pages printed on 80 gsm superfine high bulk paper
Hardbound foam padded cover with imported leather, gold lettering and international quality finishing

Table Of Contents:

The Preamble 
The Territory of India 
Fundamental Rights 
Right to Equality 
Six Freedoms 
Right to Freedom of Person 
Right to Freedom of Religion 
Cultural and Educational Rights and Rights of Minorities 
Right to Property 
Limitations on Fundamental Rights 
Right to Constitutional Remedies 
Directive Principles of State Policy 
Fundamental Duties and Justiciability 
Public Interest Litigation 
The Union Executive 
The Supreme Court and the Constitution 
Courts and the Interpretation of the Constitution 
The Comptroller and Auditor General of India 
The High Courts in the States 
Union Territories, Scheduled and Tribal Areas, Panchayats and Municipalities 
Cooperative Federalism 
Borrowings and Succession to Property, Assets, Rights and Obligations 963
Trade, Commerce and Intercourse within the Territory of India 
Emergency Provisions 
Indian Federation and State Autonomy 
Services under the Union and the States 
Administrative Tribunals 
Special Provisions Relating to Certain Classes 
Official Language 
Miscellaneous Provisions  
Temporary, Transitional and Special Provisions 
Emergency and its Aftermath  
Is Parliamentary Democracy Suited to India? 
The Schedules