The second edition of this highly sucessful, widely used book deals with all the new developments in television and video Engineering. The focus of this thoroughly revised edition is on colour television systems and related integrated circuits. "Television Technology has now become a vital tool to the information revolution sweeping across the countries of the world. The low cost video systems, VCR cameras or camcorders have brought along a video revolution in the field of home entertainment, education training, advertising and electronic news gathering" Key features Comprehensive coverage of colour television and video systems. Details all modern TV pick-up devices and CCD image sensors. Discusses various types of VTR's, VCR's and video disk systems with their design features. Describes cable and satellite TV programme distribution and information age applications such as videotex and teletext information services. Highlights recent developments such as digital TV technology, multiple analog camponents packet signal and HDTV. Includes worked-out examples, unsolved problems,review and multiple-choice questions in each chapter.

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PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2001