C is considered to be a basic language in system programming. It contains various features which increases its compatibility with other applications. The book provides a quick scan of the core concepts in C language along with surplus knowledge on the subject. Test Your Skills in C contains a model question paper and practice exercises. The book also deals with a wide range of the objective questions, fill in the gaps, true or false statements and match with the right option queries to make the student adept in C. Important instructions and hints are given whenever required for complex questions. The questions based on coding are given to increase the efficiency of the programmer, making them skillful. Various topics related to the language as string, array, storage class, functions, pointers, equations, operators are thoroughly explained. The book includes the subject of files, unions, preprocessors, structure, additional coding and control flow. Lastly, the list of appendices consists of ANSI C functions, ASCII Table, Timing of basic operation, and the operator precedence table. The features of C language are covered in the book with syntax code and its program flow. The general and recurring interview questions are given with their solutions. The book, Test Your Skills in C, has been written by S. Selvi and R. Murugesan and was published in 2009. The book provides a brief definition of each concept along with a small coding program and tips for challenging questions. The book is useful for students and programming professionals who want to attain expertise on the C language. The book helps in understanding and analysing the basic fundamentals of the language.

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Publish YearJanuary 2014