Table of Contents SECTION A: GENERAL ANATOMY 1. Introduction to Anatomy 2. Primary Tissues 3. Special Connective Tissues 4. Nervous Tissue 5. Muscle Tissue 6. Lymphoid Tissue 7. Skin and its Appendages SECTION B: MUSCULOSKELETAL SYSTEM 8. Osteology Introduction 9. Muscular System 10. Joints Introduction SECTION C: THE ORGAN SYSTEMS 11. Cardiovascular System Introduction 12. Respiratory System Introduction 13. Digestive System Introduction 14. Urinary System Introduction 15. Reproductive System Introduction 16. Nervous System 18. Sense Organs Introduction 19. Medical Genetics 20. Appendix Model Question Papers PART 2: PHYSIOLOGY 21. Introduction to Physiology 22. The Cell Introduction 23. Transport Across the Cell Membrane and the Resting Membrane Potential 24. The Nerve Physiology 25. The Muscle Physiology 26. Blood and Body Fluids 27. Immunity 28. The Digestive System Hydrochloric Acid (HCl) Pepsinogen 29. The Respiratory System 30. The Cardiovascular System Arterial Blood Pressure 31. The Endocrine System Introduction 32. Reproductive System Introduction Contraception 33. The Nervous System 34. The Special Senses 35. The Urinary System 36. Temperature Regulation Model Question Papers Annexure Index

Key Features:-

  • Divided into two parts- Anatomy and Physiology with anatomy section is further divided into three se
  • Present edition includes five new chapters; The Cell, Transport Across the Cell Membrane & the Resti
  • 600 neatly labelled, easily reproducible coloured illustrations and images with 122 new coloured pho
  • Free online access to which contains fully searchable instant access to two additional
  • Also provides an image bank of all the images which can be used for teaching aids or PowerPoint pres
  • 177 Model question papers on anatomy including histology and physiology for self-assessment.

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Author(s)PR Ashalatha
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Publish YearJanuary 2011