Dental anatomy forms the basis for all the fields of dentistry. Textbook of Dental Anatomy Physiology and Occlusion is an attempt towards meeting the enormous challenge of providing an all comprehensive yet simple to understand coverage of Dental anatomy Physiology and Occlusion. Detailed morphology of deciduous and permanent teeth is narrated in a pointwise and systematic manner which is easier to understand and recall. Apart from the images of typical teeth specimen numerous clinical photographs are added to demonstrate common variations anomalies and practical relevance of tooth morphology. Numerous tables boxes and flow charts throughout the text make understanding and recalling easier. The morphology of each permanent tooth is summarized using flow charts that give the major anatomic landmarks of that tooth and a brief summary of the major features on all five aspects of that tooth. Separate chapters are dedicated to tooth notation systems chronology of tooth development differences between primary and permanent dentitions pulp morphology temporomandibular joint and occlusion. Dental students are introduced to the fascinating aspects of dental anatomy such as forensic odontology evolution of teeth dental anthropology and comparative dental anatomy. A separate chapter on tooth carving is included that explains the rationale armamentarium basic principles and step by step carving procedure. Carving technique for different types of teeth is made self explanatory using life size high resolution images of actual wax blocks in different stages of carving. The ancillary DVD ROM contains video clips that give visual demonstration of carving procedure. Numerous high quality photographs and professionally done graphic illustrations with informative legends make the text easy to grasp. Incorporation of numerous tables flow charts and boxes throughout the textbook will give the reader a convenient summary of the key features and also make reviewing easier. Multiple choice questions at the end of each chapter aid students in revision and preparation for viva voce for competitive examinations. Additional MCQs are also given in the DVD ROM.

Key Features:-

  • Illustrates easy to reproduce line drawings of various aspects of teeth with important features mark
  • Contains high quality photographs and graphic illustrations with explanatory legends to support the
  • Includes numerous tables boxes and flow charts throughout the text make understanding and recalling
  • Elaborates differences in morphology of various permanent teeth (arch class and type traits) in tab
  • Introduces the fascinating aspects of dental anatomy such as evolution of teeth comparative dental
  • A chapter on tooth carving explaining the rationale armamentarium and step by step carving procedure

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General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Publish YearJanuary 2014