Salient Features of the Book The book gives Real images for better understanding of the subject Staining procedures in detail along with special charts to explain principles of Gram and Z-N staining Illustrations and flowcharts at appropriate places to help the reader in understanding the concepts Virulence factors and updated pathogenicity Recent advances in diagnosis and vaccination Precisely written medical mycology and real images of fungi for easy identification Special information regarding the drug of choice (DOC) and alternate drugs in tabular form Advanced and newer topics such as Ebola, H1N1, VRE, VRSA, XDR-TB, NDM Automation and newer methods of diagnosis Text in a logical format throughout the book Focused information, avoiding unnecessary details Properly explained procedures Recent tests including BACTEC, MALDI-TOF, PCR, DNA chips, explained in a simple manner with relevant photographs. Morphological features of all bacteria summarized in the appendix to help the reader in viva voce and solving MCQs. Biosafety, bioterrorism (included in appendix) Special smart arts for biochemical tests of gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria; differentiation of members of family Enterobacteriaceae, important in practicals, also included How to describe morphology of bacteria with examples as well as how to describe colony characteristics included with examples in the chapter of identification of bacteria; relevant real photographs provided making it easy to understand.

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Author(s)Vasant Baradkar
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearJanuary 2017