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Author(s)Fred W Billmeyer
Publish YearJanuary 2007


This third edition of the classic, best-selling polymer science textbook surveys theory and practice of all major phases of polymer science, engineering and technology, including polymerization, solution theory, fractionation and molecular-weight measurement, solid-state properties, structure-property relationships and the preparation, fabrication and properties of commercially-important plastics, fibers and elastomers. About the Author TABLE OF CONTENTS The Science of Large Molecules Part I Polymerization · Step-Reaction (Condensation) Polymerization · Radical Chain (Addition) Polymerization · Ionic and Coordination Chain (Addition) Polymerization · Copolymerization · Polymerization Conditions and Polymer Reactions Part II Characterization · Polymer Solutions · Measurement of Molecular Weight and Size · Analysis and Testing of Polymers Part III Structure And Properties · Morphology and Order in Crystalline Polymers · Rheology and the Mechanical Properties of Polymers · Polymer Structure and Physical Properties Part IV Properties Of Commerical Polymers · Hydrocarbon Plastics and Elastomers · Other Carbon-Chain Polymers · Heterochain Thermoplastics · Thermosetting Resins Part V Polymer Processing · Plastics Technology · Fiber Technology · Elastomer Technology Appendixes Author and Subject Indexes