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Publish YearJanuary 2014


Veterinary Council of India (VCI) which regulates UG Education has mandated two courses on Poultry Production and Management with an option to include one more during the II B.V.Sc & A.H. Course. Students and teachers depend on many publications, Indian and Foreign, during the course of study / teaching. Therefore, a book with contents conforming to the VCI Syllabus has been long awaited. This publication has been prepared keeping the VCI Syllabus as the framework. The Chapters included are Classification of Poultry, Male reproductive system, Structure and formation of eggs, Out-door and Confinement rearing systems, Integrated farming, Confinement and Environment-controlled housing, Equipment, Qualitative and Economic traits, Incubation and hatching, Brooding, Growing, Laying and Breeder management, Ethology and welfare, Feeds and feeding, Diseases and their control, Sanitation and disinfection and Economics and Marketing. A separate chapter on species other domestic Carinates and Ratites is also include as well as a separate "VCI 2008 Syllabus" to help locate the desired information are provided. It is hoped that this publication will be received well by all the UG students of Veterinary colleges as well as the teachers offering the courses on Poultry production. The book also serves as a basic book for those in PG studies and research on various aspects of Poultry Science.