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General Information  
Author(s)VD Bindal
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
Edition1st Edition
Publish YearMarch 2018


The contents of the book are broken into 3 major Sections and further into 16 Chapters. The First Section, i.e. Introduction and Fundamentals contains 3 Chapters; Introduction to Kinesiology, Anatomical and Physiological Fundamentals of Human Motion, and Basic Biomechanical Concepts. The Second and a major Section of the book, i.e. Kinesiology of Body Regions is dealt with in 9 Chapters in great length covering various body regions, i.e. Shoulder Girdle, Shoulder, Elbow and Radioulnar Joints, Wrist and Hand, Pelvic Girdle, Hip, Knee, Ankle and Foot, and Spine. The Third Section, i.e. Motor Skills: Principles and Application includes 4 Chapters, one each on Posture, Locomotion, Application of Kinesiology to Selected Daily Life Activities and Sports Skills, and Prevention of Sports Injuries: The Mechanical and Kinesiological Viewpoint. The book also contains Glossary and Index towards the end.

Key Features:-
Textbook of Kinesiology is authored by a very senior faculty member of India's most prestigious Institute in Physical Education. Divided into 3 Sections and 16 Chapters, the book contains detailed history, review of anatomical and physiological fundamentals and basic biomechanical concepts, all relevant as foundation to any kinesiology textbook. A discussion of various joint movements, muscles and muscular analysis of almost all the body regions is provided in the book at great length. The book also contains chapters on posture, locomotion, application of kinesiology to various daily life activities and sports skills, and prevention of sports injuries, all essentially to be incorporated in a standard textbook on kinesiology. The organization and contents of the book, written in an easy and understandable language is primarily intended to serve as a textbook of kinesiology for the students and teachers of physical education, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. The book covers almost all the syllabus of the subject taught for the undergraduate courses in all of these disciplines in the colleges and universities in India.

Useful textbook to the students and teachers of physical education and physiotherapy, to whom kinesiology as a subject is taught in various colleges and universities in India.