This book aims to help the student bridge the gap between the classroom and clinical practice; introducing the automation principles in hematology along with interpretation and deciphering of various parameters like RDW and histograms which carry a lot of encrypted diagnostic information because eyes can see only those things which brain knows. Although the data of the automated blood count alone will not guarantee a specific diagnosis in every case nor does every disease have a single pattern of abnormality rather these values should be used to narrow the differential diagnosis as much as possible so that more expensive and time requiring confirmatory battery of expensive investigations like Vitamin B12 folic acid serum iron TIBC estimations or Hb electrophoresis etc. is done only selectively and invasive procedures like bone marrow aspiration and biopsy can be avoided by proper evaluation of CBC.

Key Features:-

  • It is an attempt to explain the interpretation and clinical correlation of various traditional and n
  • Encompasses the less understood and ignored parameters such as red cell distribution width (RDW) and
  • There is a lot of hidden information of various parameters those can reveal because “Eyes can see on
  • Useful to the undergraduates postgraduates and the practicing clinicians of all branches of various
  • The first ever-detailed document on CBC where so many useful parameters are available with potentia
  • Proper interpretation of CBC can be great utility in narrowing the differential diagnosis and aid i

More Details about The Abc Of Cbc Interpretation Of Complete Blood Count and Histograms

General Information  
PublisherJaypee Brothers Medical Publishers
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2013