More Details about The Essential Mba

General Information  
Author(s)Susan Miller
PublisherSAGE Publications India Pvt Ltd
Publish YearJune 2012


The Essential MBA is a must read for all MBA students and those thinking of embarkeing on such a course. It is equally essential for all those who wish to refresh or pick up the basics of Business and Management but cannot enroll in a course that teaches the subject.

Each chapter is written by a specialized contributor and offers readers a helpful introduction to each topic of study, including

- Chapter overview and key concepts: A brief chapter overview and list of key concepts that will help the reader navigate through each chapter
-Case illustrations: Case illustrations that reinforce understanding of the key concepts
-Definitions: Key terms are clearly defined for quick reference
- Summary and questions for reflection: A review of the main concepts and issues to be sure that the reader is clear on what was covered, and why. Questions are provided at the end of each chapter to encourage the reader to explore that has been learnt
- Further reading: Relevant articles and book chapters that will enhance the reader’s understanding of each chapter

The core areas covered are Organizational Behaviour; Human Resource Management; Marketing; Accounting and Finance; Economics; Operations Management; Corporate Social Responsibility; Strategic Management; Research Approaches; and, Study Skills.