"The Exploration of Microeconomics, 6/e, International Edition" is not a traditional encyclopedic text filled with technical details. Rather, it is an engaging, modern, "back-to-basics" book designed to promote economic literacy and help students appreciate how economics affects their everyday lives. This reader-friendly text includes innovative learning tools, a visually appealing design, and captivating content to encourage students to read the chapters eagerly and help them master the material more easily. Packed with examples from current events and pop culture, "The Exploration of Microeconomics, 6/e, International Edition" succeeds like no other text in making economics less intimidating and achieving the author's primary goal: conveying the real-world relevance of economics and inspiring in students the same excitement he felt when taking his first economics class.

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Author(s)Robert Sexton
Publish YearJanuary 2012