This book prepares the mental health professional to use scientific skills when working within a legal framework. Written by a seasoned forensic psychiatrist with decades of experience and professional honors, this text answers some of the most challenging questions psychiatrists face when mental health intersects with the courtroom. The text is supported with 34 case vignettes that demonstrate ways in which seemingly simple diagnoses have unique layers of complexities that are vital within the legal system. The resource covers topics that may not be elucidated in medical schools, including what to expect from an expert witness, how to communicate with attorneys who lack a medical background, managing opposing viewpoints, psychiatric and medical malpractice, harassment, employment status, and other difficult topics as it pertains to the law. The text also knits this understanding of forensic psychiatry with clinical knowledge, addressing violence and risk assessment, discrimination, disability evaluation, psychiatric disorders, criminal and civil competence, end-of-life care and decisions, and a wide array of medical topics that have unique concerns when placed in the context of the legal system. The Forensic Examination is a vital resource for psychiatrists, psychologists, criminal and civil defenders, and all p...

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Author(s)Goldwaser A M
Publish YearJanuary 2019