The Inside Advantage shows how your company, no matter what its size, can discover a hidden potential and use it as a catalyst for growth. For the first time in publication, Bloom reveals his unconventional system and shows how to apply his methods to your business. Bloom\'s style is fresh and down-to-earth, and his methods are clear and simple. His Growth Discovery Process enables you to punch through today\'s competitive barriers, clarify their vision, focus your goals, and place yourself aggressively on the road to growth. Bloom\'s “Growth Discovery Process” helps you answer these questions: *Who? Do you really know what customers you should pursue? *What? Do you truly know what business you are in? *How? Can you define the strategies that will bring in new customers? . . . and leads to: Own it! An innovative new way to drive your company\'s growth by making your Inside Advantage well known to customers and potential customers

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General Information  
Author(s)Bloom and Robert
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2008