The Science and Clinical Application of Manual Therapy is a multi-disciplinary, international reference book based on work by the top basic science researchers and clinical researchers in the area of Manual Therapy and Manual Medicine (MT/MM). The first book to bring together research on the benefits of MT/MM beyond the known effects on musculoskeletal disorders, it presents evidence of the benefit of MT/MM in treating systemic disorders such as asthma, heart rate dysfunction and GI disturbance.

Key Features:-

  • Authored by the leading multidisciplinary basic science and clinical researchers from throughout the
  • Describes research confirming benefit of MT for musculoskeletal disorders (which helps provide a rat
  • Presents the latest findings on the beneficial effect of MT on systemic disorders including asthma,
  • Critically assesses longstanding theoretical models of MT/MM mechanisms with respect to the current
  • Explores the influences of psychological and cortical processes on the effects of MT/MM, including t
  • Uniquely presents research findings from all the manual therapy professions and scientists making th

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General Information  
PublisherElsevier Science
BindingHard Back
Publish YearJanuary 2011