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Think Act Invest Like Warren Buffet

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General Information  
PublisherMcGraw Hill
Publish YearJanuary 2014


McGraw Hill Think Act Invest Like Warren Buffet by SWEDROE

A lot of people are beginning to turn their attention to investments to supplement their income, to increase their wealth, and to build up good financial assets for a secure future. However, most investors are unsure on how to build a good investment portfolio. They require some advice and guidance on what to invest in, how to draw up an investment plan and other such concepts. Think, Act And Invest Like Warren Buffett is meant for the person who is just beginning to learn about investing. It is also for the investor with some experience, who would still like some more information to streamline their planning and portfolio. This book does not teach a person how to become Warren Buffett. Instead, the author uses Buffett’s advice and principles on investing to help the reader. The author uses Buffett’s fundamental advice to investors and elaborates on those points. For instance, he explains why Buffett asks the average investor to concentrate on index funds while building their portfolio. The book also explains why Buffett advises people to think of long term investments and how it would actually benefit the investor. It discusses another one of Buffett’s principles that temperament is more important than intellect in an investor. It explains how a good temperament and a firm belief in a good investment plan will help prevent a person from panicking over conflicting and confusing advice given out in the media. The book focuses on many such pieces of wisdom from Buffett and uses it to guide investors. The author also urges the investor to draw up an investment policy statement that will act as a guide and reference in their future investments. He also asks the reader to build up a low cost and diversified portfolio to ensure stability and good returns. It also contains advice on how and when to rebalance portfolios. The author also provides advice on hiring financial advisors to help build a good investment portfolio. He provides tips on what to look for in a financial consultant and how to choose the right kind of expert. Think, Act And Invest Like Warren Buffett is short, crisp and focused. It is easy to go through and the points are clearly explained. Using the investment principles of Warren Buffett as the basis, the author provides a practical manual for new investors.