This monograph presents the knowledge of tongue examination of warm diseases of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with pictures and accompanying essays. There are more than 150 pictures and essays in this book, which gives a brief summary of characteristics, indications and treatment principles of the tongues appearance in warm diseases. Based on the national textbook, Seasonal Febrile Disease of TCMWn B??ng Xu??, this book is recommended for educational purposes. As an important diagnostic method in epidemic febrile disease, tongue examination has been highly valued by doctors through the ages. Today the skillful and correct mastery of it is a basic requirement for modern physicians in clinical practice. All the pictures of the tongue were taken from patients suffering from warm disease including acute epidemic disease, acute infectious disease, and burns. Pictures in this book cover lips, tooth, and even the face, including an oily and dirty face, flushed face, gum bleeding, mouth corner bleeding, dry lip, and lip sores, in order to clarify the relationships between tongue and other manifestations. The tongue manifestations in this book are classified and edited according to the national textbook, Seasonal Febrile Disease of TCM (Wn B??ng Xu??, ), and the systematic and broad scope of the content is beneficial for teaching. All the pictures in this book come from clinics. Some pictures, like those of tongue sores, linguofacial blood-streak, and sublingual varicosity, are rare and unique and can be used to supplement textbooks. This book is mainly consists of pictures of the tongue, with brief introductions covering the characteristics, indications and treatment principles of tongue manifestations in warm disease. It is a good clinical reference for doctors. Finally, any corrections and/or suggestions concerning its content would be appreciated.

More Details about Tongue Diagnosis for Warm Diseases (PB)

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Author(s)Zhi Wen
PublisherPMPH and BC DECKER
BindingPaper Back
Publish YearJanuary 2006